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Before crafting BX3, we had some experience utilizing Brazilian tobaccos from our award-winning blends, CAO Brazilia and Amazon Basin. It was unspoken that the rich soils of this region - which yield some the world’s most flavorful coffees - bring forward a depth of flavor that add an indescribable element to the tobaccos grown there.

For BX3, we wanted to see how far we could take these flavors, and how much exotic intensity we could bring to the table while still delivering the balanced profile for which we are famous.

We started with a dark and oily Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper, bringing a flavorful depth and intensity into the equation. From there, we added a smooth and slightly sweet, yet earthy Brazilian Arapiraca leaf to bind a blend consisting of yet another Brazilian Mata Fina leaf in addition to our best Nicaraguan, Honduran and Mexican premium filler tobaccos.

The result is something we are extremely proud of. A flavor profile that is intense, but not offensive. Perfectly strong in a way that brings out the depth of these flavorful tobaccos.

When we left on our expedition to discover CAO BX3, we had one goal:
To craft a bold Brazilian blend.

And damn if we didn’t deliver.


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